Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where every organisation realises its potential to create positive impact in society.

Our Mission

Bright Ideas Consulting Ltd was set up to provide innovative, evidence-based solutions to organisations to help them and the individuals who interact with them to thrive. the company evolved from Lee Robinson’s earlier successful independent consultancy practice, Robinson Consultancy, which was founded in 2008. The core areas of our offer are: research, organisational development, and strategy consultancy.

Vision, Mission & Values

Our Values

Our Focus is on the Client

We work with clients rather than for them. As experienced professionals, we aim to form professional partnerships in order to deeply understand your organisation, and then use this understanding to create the best project we possibly can.

We are Critical & Independent Thinkers

We pride ourselves on being critical, independent thinkers who hope to bring a fresh perspective to your challenges. For us, being critical also means being willing to occasionally challenge the status quo to find a new way of working with an established problem. This makes us well disposed to helping organisations think about how to undertake new challenges and try something new, as well as fine-tuning systems for organisations to help them make the leap from good to great.


We like to deal in facts and truth. At the heart of this is high quality evidence, which leads to better interventions, processes and outcomes.

We draw on well-established academic and professional research when delivering our services, so that you can be sure that our services are delivered with the broader perspective in mind.

We’re delighted to bring the Leading for Impact programme to our members in partnership with Bright Ideas Consulting – it will be of great use to leaders across the voluntary & community sector

David Wood OBE – Attend CEO

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